Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another 20's style dress ...

                   I have made this pattern before , from a warp print linen blend , and really liked how it stitched up , but felt it had details that could be accentuated but were not in the original . I decided to do another using a lighter weight fabric , in two colors for contrast . I cut the dress a few sizes larger than normal to get a lose fit , more like a 1920's style , rather than the slightly fitted 1930's illustration .


The fabrics are both light weight crinkled crepe , synthetic , a snappy brilliant green bias print plaid paired with a solid black of the same . I used a black silk/cotton blend fabric for stabilizing the neck facing & will be making a slip from the same .

Now for those pins ... I am not much for pinning things , I have set sleeves without pins even , but this sneaky - slippery - shape shifting stuff  had even pinlazy me pinning like crazy !

As always , vintage machine for vintage sewing project !

Nothing beats an old narrow feed straight stitcher for accurate , neat edge stitching !

I decided to make the front yokes black , and then to make the facings from the plaid and flip them to the outside for more fun contrast . I still wanted a little more , so I topstitched folds of the plaid fabric along the lower yoke edge . I also pieced the skirt inserts from the solid black with a bias cut plaid section in the center .

A lose fitting dress made up in floating , flowy fabric , with a draped sash at the dropped waist and a scarf type drape on each hip to flutter along ...

and I have me a new dress !

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