Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Liberated dressing ...

I have used this pattern before to make a bicycling suit , and decided to see if it wouldn't make up into a unlined warmer weather blouse for me as well .

I have a great paisley printed jacquard weave in perfect colors for a late teens garment , a 50/50 silk cotton lawn type fabric for the sleevea , cream cotton organdy and dainty all cotton laces for the trim .


So here I go , trying to capture the spirit of those wonderful old fashion illustrations ...
I have about a yard and a half of this old black cotton net to use as an overlay on the vestee front

I think it will look right with the cotton laces & cotton ogandy foundation

Now for the sleeves , semi sheer black cotton silk blend , I had originally followed the pattern and cut sleeves flounces from the cream organdy . No way I am using them , they look just like a cone collar from the vet after your pet has some medical procedure done !
So I drafted my own less extreme flared cuff from the paisley ...
and am much happier with this look and function
I wanted a faux vest look , so I opted to use a length of elastic to define the waistline across the back
Having an ample rear required I slash & face the center back to accomidate that feature
It looks pretty good & greatly improved how the back fit
And here it is with the collars I decided to make seperate and optional , since this requires the hair to be up and secured to wear , and anyone who knows me also knows how horrible I am at hair & make up tasks ! Ask anyone that was in the Dicken's show LOL

Just add a narrow Edwardian skirt and jaunty hat : )


  1. That looks great! I haven't really been interested in that pattern because the illustrations didn't look that great to me, but it looks lovely the way you've made it up--I may need to get a copy for myself.

  2. So glad to see this made up! Its gorgeous. I have had this pattern for years and haven't touched it yet. Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. I just added another photo at the bottom of the collar I made to be pinned on with one of my sets of antique lace pins . I have a great black Jappaned set of 3 in a swallow motif that would be cute as heck on it .